Thursday, September 30, 2010

...And Fishing Won

Sorry to leave you in suspense so long.  We decided to try out some fishing areas last Saturday.   Since Detroit swept the Twins in that series, I think we made the right decision!  Our sewer line was blocked again Friday night and the plumber couldn't clean it out until Saturday afternoon.  Two of our bathrooms were usable because they drained to a different pipe, but we were unable to run water in the kitchen and laundry.  So it was good to be away until that could be fixed.

 We first went to Pickerel Lake.  This reminded us of Lake Pahoja near Inwood.  The lake is actually part of a nature preserve with a beautiful handicapped accessible trail around the entire lake.  Fishing is done from this bridge/walkway that spans the entire lake at its narrowest end.  We caught a few little sunfish, bluegill, and Nicolas thought maybe a little small mouth.  We would have stayed here longer except the wind was so cold coming off the lake.  The kids were asking for mittens!  Since there were several lakes in the area we thought we would move on to see if there was a more protected area on another lake.  The other three lakes we looked at had residential homes around the entire lake with no public access, no parks, etc.  We stopped at a grocery store in the area and Russ asked about other fishing locations.   They recommended Rockford, MI.  A river runs right through town and they have many parks and areas to fish.  So that is where we ended up having our picnic with hot chocolate and sandwiches.  We put our poles in the water, but did not even get a bite.  The area was beautiful, though, and all the kids had fun exploring.  Not quite the fishing expedition Nicolas hoped for, but he was happy to get his fishing pole in the water for a little while.  Enjoy the pictures of our day!
Seth enthralled with the green worms

Fishing on the river by Rockford

The leaves were beginning to turn color around the river--so pretty!

Seth wasn't that excited about fishing anymore so I took him exploring

The serious fisherman

The river from the bridge

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