Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday pictures

I wish the aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandpa and Grandmas could have seen Seth's excitement as his packages and cards came for his birthday.  I tried to take pictures of most everything, although I know that is not quite the same.  See the pictures posted below.

Smokey has now been on antibiotics since Monday night and her sores look clearer and appear to be healing.  Tonight Nicolas said in a relieved tone "I think she's going to make it!"  It is apparent to all the family that this is his cat.  This morning Seth hollers out, "Nicolas, Smokey is on the porch.  I think she needs a snuggle."  Of course, Nicolas immediately gets up and gives his cat a snuggle. 

We are trying to get used to living in a bigger city.   Part of that includes how to handle those who ask for money.  We had one fella come to our door asking for our pop cans (they were in a box outside our door and had not made their way to the garage yet.).  He took a few that afternoon, but the box was gone the next morning. A little disconcerting as he had to walk down our driveway and up a rather long flight of steps to our door where the box was located.    Russ also had an incident outside of the grocery store two blocks from our home.  We were thankful for a timely blog post by Pastor James that sent us to a link regarding mercy ministry  Russ was able to appropriately interact  with this guy and we were also able to talk to our kids about this.  Not sure we would have had that "teachable moment" in Orange City!

I took the kids to the Home School Building (HSB) this afternoon to investigate the orchestra program.   There are four different orchestras based on ability.  We sat in on the highest level which is a full symphony orchestra.  I think the boys will be in the intermediate or advanced; both meet on Wed mornings at 8:30. Caleb and Nicolas are quite interested, but also know it will not be like playing for Mrs. Wielenga.  On the same note, although they like their music teachers here in Grand Rapids, they miss their music teachers in Iowa.  I am sure it is hard to get used to another personality, teaching style, etc.

Russ is enjoying his classes so far and has even been able to stay on top of Hebrew.  He has temporarily set aside Greek as he attempts to better understand Hebrew.  Probably it would be best if you did not ask him about the English Grammar Diagnositc Test he is required to take.  Let's just say that some of the faculty and staff of PRTS are now aware that he is an individual with strong feelings.

The boys are tempted to head to Detroit this weekend for the Twins game, but I think fishing will win out.  I will let you know...

The first birthday package

"Andrew has these!"  No better recommendation then that.

Thanks, Uncle Mar and Aunt Petey!

The girls can't wait to get their hands on the Calico Critters!

Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma B.!

Loving all the packages

Thanks, Uncle Cory and Aunt Lynn

Thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Nikki.  We went to Wal-mart and Seth picked out his own Star War lego kit.  Of course, Nicolas helped...
"She came!"  He never doubted this would be a birthday gift since he specifially told Aunt Becca this was what he wanted.  Thanks Uncle Bubbs and Aunt Becca!

Meijer came through for us during this busy time, but definitely not a Sara Crane cake... (

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma H for the card and money and to Uncle Greg and Aunt Shantelle for the magazine subscription which mom still needs to order...

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