Thursday, October 5, 2017

One Last Summer Post

As I was going through pictures recovered from a dying hard drive, I realized I had totally forgotten to post pictures of the father/son Cadet camp-out in Stanley which took place in July.  It is now officially fall, the irrigation has been turned off, our furnace has been running in the mornings to get the temps to at least 64° in the house,  the garden is dying, leaves are falling, and we need blankets at the football game, so it is past time that I post these last pictures of summer.  Some of these pictures will again show why the Stanley area is one of our favorite places in Idaho!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Glimpses of Summer 2017

I've posted on the big summer trips and about the big boys' summer.  Here is a glimpse of the other things we enjoyed this summer of 2017.

Fishing (Kleiner Park).  Nicolas, Russ, and I bought a fishing license for the year and were able to use them a few times before it got too hot.  Hopefully, we can make good use of them this fall.

Taking care of our little garden boxes.  Can't believe how wild and tall the tomatoes grew!

Antiquing.  We made a couple trips to our favorite antique mall to browse and find treasures.

Dogsitting.  We took care of Gracie, this beautiful golden retriever, for almost a week.  Zoe opted to stay upstairs most of the time!

Walking the streets of downtown Boise for the 4th of July parade.  We (us and several church families) supported KBXL, the radio station that airs Russ' sermons, by decorating their van and walking in the parade.   Seth is wearing his t-shirt on from last year's parade.

Enjoying a Boise Hawks baseball game.  Gotta love those free tickets from the library reading program!

Caldwell Night Rodeo.  Someone gave us tickets to family night at the rodeo.  Always a cultural experience!

Lots of fun plays and musical events.  Nicolas and I went to Phantom (his birthday gift).  

Caleb and I went to Midsummer Night's Dream and the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.  I bought tickets to the Hunchback after hearing what a great musical production it was.  The Midsummer tickets were given to us by a couple that had tickets but couldn't make the show.

Everyone except Russ and Caleb attended "Seven Brides" at the Starlight Mountain Theater in Garden Valley.  We went with some other families from the church.
Boating at Black Rock Canyon.  The Vander Stelt family invited us to a boating day the day after I got back home taking Nicolas to Iowa.  All the kids enjoyed their time tubing and knee boarding, but I think Caleb especially enjoyed skiing behind a boat again.  They even talked me into a ski run!

Western Idaho Fair.  We always go on opening day when admission is free if you come between 12:00-2:00.  We love walking through the animal barns, the expo, and taking in a few shows. 

This baby alpaca was only one day old!

Splash Dogs!  
Parent/youth group volleyball night.

Eclipse Day!

Watching the shadows change was pretty cool.