Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Day

We just love books in this house.  So when the flyer for the Scholastic Books warehouse sale came the house, we couldn't resist.   After a quick breakfast that morning, we left to go book shopping.  The place was filled with teachers filling boxes with books for their classroom.  We showed some restraint, but still filled a bag of  half-price books that will be great for homeschooling and fun reading!

From the warehouse sale we zipped downtown Boise to the main library branch to meet Jan Brett.   She gave a drawing presentation while showing us her artistic skills as she sketched Big Snowshoe Hare.   Following that we stood in line to have her new book The Animals' Santa signed.  We were toward the end of the line so it took a little bit, but Lydia stuck with me the whole way!  Ms. Brett was very sweet, asking Lydia lots of questions about her interests.  Being toward the end of the line had its advantages--she began signing more than one book/person and began personalizing the messages when there were about 5-6 people in front of us in line!