Monday, August 21, 2017

Oregon Coast

With Caleb arriving home from Guatemala on the 31st of July and Nicolas needing to leave for Iowa/Dordt on Aug. 5th, we only had four days this summer (other than the few weeks in May) when we were all together.  We spent those days at the Oregon coast (about 8 hrs away).  Here are our pictures of that precious time!

Columbia River Gorge

Multnomah Falls

Seth asked if he could wade the little creek by the Falls.  While Russ was warning him not to get wet because dry clothes were not accessible, someone was losing his balance and getting very very wet.  This was probably Nicolas' highlight of the entire trip.

Our little cabin for three nights.

We celebrated Caleb and Lydia's birthdays while at the Coast.  I finally finished Caleb's Dordt afghan!

Path to the beach right outside our front door.

Dune at Cape Kwanda State Park

After the hike (roll?) down the dune, we explored the tide pools in the rocky area of the Cape.  Thankfully, the tide was on the lower end and we didn't have come back and try again!

Cape Lookout State Park hike.  After at least a half mile of hiking we came across a plaque memorial for those who lost their lives in a B-17 bomber crash in 1943.  Apparently, a documentary was made called "Fallen Fortress at Cape Lookout" and can be watched here.

The view towards "our" beach from Cape Lookout.  

View from the tip of  Cape Lookout.  At the right time of year this is one of the best places to spot migrating.   

Beach photos

Looking at Cape Kwanda area (dune and rocky area we explored)

Looking the other direction where we hiked to the tip of Cape Lookout.

Early misty morning beach walks.

We tried our hand at sand sculptures:  an elephant head (not a dragonfly) and a submarine.  Clearly, we needed Uncle Cory.

Early morning crab rescue.  After watching the seagulls flip over and eat the crabs that had been left on the beach during low tide, Seth thought he needed to save them before the sea gulls ate them alive.

Sunset.  We made sure we were on the beach by 8:00 each evening to catch the sunset.