Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This and That

Field Day to the GR Public Museum Dinosaur Exhibit

After attending a play at the Ford Museum on the Wright brothers we decided to walk across the street to check out the new dinosaur exhibit at the public museum.   We were some of the only people at the museum that afternoon so we had a monopoly on all the fun interactive exhibits that were set up.  Of course, we also had to visit all of our other favorite exhibits and make a full afternoon of it!

Finally...Mom Teaches the Girls to Crochet

Every time they remember, the girls ask me to teach them to crochet.  Unfortunately, whenever they ask it is very convenient for them because they are bored, but not at all an opportune time for me! This time I called them down from playing and set the time.  I taught them one at a time and both caught on very quickly.  They are now making a little project with only chains and single crochets but will require a little sewing together at the end.  Stay tuned...

Fun Crafts from Boys and Girls Club

Loving the tool box he made and eager for dad to help him fill it with tools

Youth Group

The youth group has decided to go back down to Kentucky for a mission trip over spring break so we are busy helping with fundraisers again this year.  The biggest fundraisers are the fellowship meals.  Instead of everybody bringing food (potluck) the youth group parents either provide the food or cook the food and everybody else in the church just shows up and give a donation instead.   We had one last week in which another lady in the church made most of the food and then the youth group just filled in dessert and condiments.  We will have at least two, maybe three more.  Caleb has also been asked to go to Guatemala (all expense paid) with a group from the FRC in January.  He would have to miss school if he agrees to do this, so we have to look for sure into the dates as we don't really want him to miss his class at Cornerstone University.  He would love to go and serve (and practice his Spanish), and I would love for it to work out for him, but we do have to honor our first commitments...

Sunday Storms

Just this past Sunday we had severe storms in the area.  No tornadoes, thankfully,  but since we were in a tornado watch most of the night the evening services in the area were cancelled.  It did rain buckets and the wind blew horribly, but other than a few fallen trees in the neighborhood, some flooded roads (why do people blow their leaves into the street and block the sewer drain?), and loss of power for 15+  hours, no serious damage was done around here. 

Driving rain with high winds

After the storm

Trying to read by candlelight

Those are just the highlights of the last few weeks.  The rest of the days are just filled up with normal school and home activities and chores.  We are looking forward to a break from routine and traveling to Iowa for Thanksgiving!