Thursday, September 23, 2010

Field Trip to Grand Haven and Lake Michigan

We have been waiting for a good day to go to Lake Michigan with the kids, but Russ just doesn't have as much free time as he thought he might.  Naive, I know.  So, since the weather was going to be quite warm (in the 80s again) I decided to take the kids on my own.  I thought the water would be too cold for swimming so I didn't take their suits and told the kids they could just wade  However, I didn't take into account the wind and size of the waves, for wading that is.  Caleb said it was just like being on the Atlantic Coast in Florida, only the water isn't salty!  Needless to say, they were soaked and I was glad we had a box of clothes in the back of the van that needed to go to the Salvation Army.  One of the city workers that did our line out front dropped off a huge box of clothes for Caleb.  Almost all were Caleb's exact size, and he was able to use a lot of it.  Some t-shirts were not that Calebish (skull and crossbones) so we packed some of those up to take away.  Of course, typical Herman fashion, we hadn't gotten around to it yet.  But that turned out to be a good thing today because everyone was able to change before going home.   I wasn't that excited about putting skull and crossbones on the girls and Seth, but hey the t-shirts were dry.  Enjoy a few pictures of our day!

Shorts were just too wet to wear!  Seth liked the wildlife.

Seth in his dry t-shirt.  The girls thought it looked like a fashionable dress.

They enjoyed making sand mounds and seeing how long it would take for a big wave to destroy it.

Caleb thought I needed a picture too.  Did I mention it was windy?

Late afternoon--time to go home!

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  1. Great pictures Laura. What wonderful memories you are making! I am suppose to tell Nicolas that his friends at OCCS really miss him. I talked to Trey Schiebout's mom today. She picked up meals at my kitchen and she asked how Nicolas was doing? She said that he is such a "neat little boy and will be missed this year!" Oh how we know:) Love to all. Bec