Friday, September 10, 2010


Homeschooling is going well, so far.  Probably yesterday was the worst day we have had and it wasn't really that bad.  All had trouble concentrating and keeping on task, some were a little weepy, and Seth was a more of a pest.  We are just finishing our first week, but I think some of the newness is wearing off.   They do enjoy the activities so I need to make sure we always incorporate some of that in our day.  This week we learned about "niches" in science and we made an earthworm niche to observe for the next few days.  We are pretty much done by noon, sometimes earlier.  Caleb and Nicolas sometimes start earlier (7:45-8:00), and then when Anna is ready we do devotions all together.  I just fit Lydia in as I get the other three situated.   Caleb usually has more work to do after lunch as he has more subjects, assignments, and reading.  We made a chore chart last night to make sure practicing instruments and other things continue to get done.   Right now the homeschooling has been quite a bit of work for me.  I might over prepare just a little to make sure things go smoothly, but I do enjoy the process.  One thing I can always use more of is GRACE.  Grace to be the mom I need to be to resolve conflict, discipline where needed, gently correct behavior, teach lovingly, patiently endure the forever messy house, and cheerfully prepare meals, keep up with laundry and clean.

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