Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pictures of the inside of the house

Caleb's room

The "office" with Dr. Beeke's big old desk

Homeschool area in the front room

Nicolas' area in the room he shares with Seth

Seth's area in the shared room

Corner of the girls' room

Family room from the doorway to outside

Dining room from the front room (homeschool area) doorway

Dining room from the kitchen doorway

The new piano sits on the other side of the homeschool area


  1. The house looks great and now looks like a "home"! I love all the character and charm. I am disappointed we didn't get to see the results of Russ and Caleb's hours of hard work...the hardwood floors:) Some people are never satisfied! Thanks so much for the blog. I will be checking it often. Love to all, Bec

  2. Thanks for starting a blog, Laura! After reading a few of your posts, it's obvious writing is your many gifts! :-) It was so nice to see the pictures of the house. Looks really nice! We started book discussion this week and missed you. Brenda W and Nancy T are joining us! Hope you have a good weekend!