Sunday, September 12, 2010


This morning we went to the Free Reformed Church.  Rev. C. Pronk led the services from Mark 6:51-52.  They just started their new year for Sunday School/Catechism so we sent the kids this morning to the appropriate classes.  All five went willingly--no tears.   Lydia and Seth are both doing Bible stories, not sure what Anna is doing as she didn't come home with a lesson.  Nicolas is going through the James Beeke Bible Doctrine for Younger Children (B), and Caleb is also studying catechism, I believe.  While the kids were in Sunday school I was able to visit with some young homeschool moms.  They invited me to their Wednesday night gathering this week.  If the week goes well, I think I will try to do that.  After church we went to Dave and Mary Beth's for Sunday dinner.  Their children were also there as well as Mary Beth's mom (whom I had met at the food pantry on Tuesday) and her brother John.  John invited us to his place on the lake to fish either Thurs or Friday night this week depending on the weather.  Nicolas is so anxious to get a pole in the water so pray for good weather!  Tonight we went to Heritage as Dr. Beeke's Genesis sermons came highly recommended.  He preached from Genesis 44 and it was quite good--I may want to catch a few back sermons on Joseph from SermonAudio.  After church we went to the consistory to meet the elders and deacons.   It was nice to see a few familiar faces:  Jim Bleeker, Ron Van Beek, Jake Nijsse, Martin Kuivenhoven, Brian De Vries, and of course Dr. Beeke.   Several of the men knew Dad, but I didn't know any of them.  I can't remember the last time I talked to Ron Van Beek--he was very interested in an update on Lynn and her family.  We talked at length with Jake and Lona after church.  It has been so long since we've visited with them and it was good to catch up a little bit.   Tomorrow night we plan to go to BSF (imagine only having to travel one block!!).  All four school age kids were able to be placed.  Seth will have to bond with his daddy.  Wished we could have been at Greg and Shan's today to celebrate the birthdays and see everyone--and the puppies!

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