Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pears, Pears, Pears

Almond Pear Puff Tarts, Pear Custard Bars and Pear Pie

Pear tree in the backyard (side pear tree was pretty much done when we moved in)

We have had so many pears from our pear trees since we have been here.  I can't imagine how many we would have had if we were here even earlier!  They are pretty much done now and I actually miss them.  They were so sweet and great just to cut up and eat.    Last week we had so many that we gave several bags to neighbors and one afternoon we tried out some recipes from good 'ol Taste of Home.  Both were great--Nicolas and I were partial to the Almond Puff Tarts, and the rest of the family preferred the Pear Custard Bars.  All love pear pie so the boys helped me make two more for the freezer.   Tuesdays are long days for Russ as he has class all day until 5:30.  He has one 1/2 hour break around 2:30, so he asked if it wouldn't be too much trouble if I would make the custard bars for the guys during that time.  He said no one feels like studying anyway after being in class so much, so they just sit around and talk.  So I made another pan this morning and met him at the food pantry at noon to deliver. 

The city came and put in topsoil and seeded the area this morning--they did the area on our side of the sidewalk that was actually our responsibility.  The forestry group from the city is coming some time later this week to grind down the big stump and seed the front of the sidewalk--the city area.  Those guys have been pretty good to us.   This crew is all done now, but they said they would stop by with the snowplow and take Seth for a ride this winter.  One even looked at our sloping driveway and said he would be sure to stop by with the sand/salt truck and to make sure we could get out in the winter.  The only stipulation?  Warm chocolate chip cookies by the curb! 

Nicolas had his second cello lesson this afternoon and when we got back the kids and I went to the park and played soccer and ball tag...P.E.?    Now we are finishing up practicing instruments and other chores.  Nicolas said it feels like he is still on summer vacation.  Hmmm, I may need to work him harder!

Last night we walked to BSF (walked, can you believe it?).  I loved my discussion leader and the gals in my class.  Two other moms are homeschoolers with five children.  We went around the room and had to introduce ourselves, how long in BSF, etc, and then say an adjective that described us that started with the same letter as our name.  I explained my history of BSF including how far we drove as compared to now, and briefly mentioned our move.  I called myself "Lonely for my mom Laura", but the group dubbed me "Long Drive Laura".  So, Long Drive Laura gets to be secretary for her class because she has been in BSF longest.  I think this name will stick because there are three "Lauras" in my class!  I also enjoyed the teaching leader.  She is great speaker (listen to), but also has good things to say.  The children's program was a little disorganized, however.  I think they must have combined groups because Anna and Lydia were in the same group; both getting Level 1 lessons.  Nicolas was in with 4th, 5th, and 6th and they gave him Level 2 lessons, even though his room was labeled Level 3.  He did Level 3 questions last year so this is a step back for him.  Caleb only had 3 people in his Level 4 class, but he said 12 were signed up.  I may have to ask about all this because if I have a choice I would prefer Nicolas with Level 4 than doing Level 2 lessons.   I know they had 50 kids signed up as opposed to 20 last year, and 150 women as compared to 100 last year.  The sanctuary had several benches full of intro members and I guess they will also be needing discussion leaders.  

Here is a picture of our wood floors, just for you Becca!

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