Thursday, September 16, 2010


Many of you know about the Smokey incident before we moved.  She got away from us at mom and dad's house and we (Russ and I--Nicolas was pretty sure she'd be back) were afraid she would not come back.  Even though I have not been that fond of the cat, I was relieved when she showed up that night because I know how much she means to Nicolas.  After we arrived in Grand Rapids we kept her in the garage/house for at least a week.  Now she has been free to roam, but she is usually in the garage at night.  If not, we keep the garage door open a crack so she can get in at night.  Yesterday we noticed that she was not quite herself--wanting to come in the house, lay around instead of explore, and touchy when petted.  I was actually on the phone with Becca when I noticed a spot on her back hip, got up to look and was horrified to see several large open sores.  Not sure what happened, but I am afraid she must have met a territorial animal.   We shaved the area to keep hair out of it and put some antibiotic ointment on it, but she may need other antibiotics to keep infection away.  Nicolas is pretty upset, so, of course, we are too.  Pray for healing for our Smokey.  It would break that boy's heart to lose the cat. 

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