Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

Random thoughts about our trip to Rochester, MN for Grandma Herman's funeral.
1.  This was a good weekend to be away since we needed several days for our upstairs bathroom to dry out following a large toilet leak and a broken water pipe.  Russ is considering plumbing as a third career change.
2.  I think we should look into having our own ferry across Lake Michigan.  No matter how you break up the trip, the loop around the Lake and through Chicago is tiresome.
3.  If you own a Pontiac Montana between the years 1998-2002, you need to put your I-pass on the right corner of your windshield instead of by the rear view mirror otherwise you will have to stop at every toll and repeat your I-pass number in order to get through the gate.
4.  We do not recommend purchasing the Swiss Cargo car top carrier.  About 30 minutes outside of Rochester the lock mechanism on our brand new carrier broke causing us to stop on the interstate and figure out how in the world we were going to tie down the top of the carrier.  Thankfully, Caleb carries a little of everything in his backpack including a "cat's cradle" string that worked until we were able to bungee the top down.
5.  We were glad to have made the trip as almost all of the extended Herman's were there.  So good to see family and catch up on life.
6.  Losing a mother is difficult no matter what age you are.  Even though Grandma H. was 99 years old,  the committal service was obviously difficult for her five children.
7.  Russ' mother is also buried at the Hilltop church cemetery.   This is a difficult place for her five children as they still mourn the mother they lost too soon 28 years ago.
8.  Funerals should be a good time to mend broken family relationships.  Such a family rift exists in Russ' extended family.  We pray they will be convicted of the brevity of life and the importance of family.
9.  We are grateful for family that live in between NW Iowa home and Grand Rapids home.  Thank-you Jim and Carla for opening your home to us!
10.  The weekend confirmed that we do indeed have mice in our kitchen.  They chewed through a bag of bread and nibbled a nice gouge in the bread.  Glad they ate well while we were gone.

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