Monday, October 18, 2010

The Extracurriculars

We do pretty good with reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Not always so good with the other stuff like art, music, PE etc.

PE is actually not that hard right now--go to the park and play soccer or tag, go for a run while the kids ride bikes, go for a walk, play sand volleyball, etc.  The only problem is that the weather will not always be conducive to outside activities.  So, we are considering membership to the YMCA.  This is a little spendy, though so haven't made a decision.  I know several people who really enjoy cross-country skiing as there are several trails throughout the area.   Once you invest in equipment it would be an inexpensive activity.

Music is iffy... the older three have piano and/or string and orchestra which helps.  Probably should incorporate more singing in our day, so am thinking about how to do that...

We try to have art every week or every other week.  My Father's World recommends Drawing with Children for Lydia's age, but all the kids have enjoyed it.  The older kids lesson plans also incorporate an art activity based on the country we are studying.  I have to admit I haven't been great about getting art supplies to follow through with some of that.  I am so concerned with the other subjects I kind of forget to look ahead at art and then, of course, we don't have the appropriate supplies on hand and it just gets forgotten.

Last week in Drawing with Children we all drew birds working with the five basic elements of shape.  I thought all the birds looked great so took pictures.  The only rule with drawing these pictures was that they could not use pencil--they had to use a fine tipped pen/marker so they couldn't erase!

Caleb's bird colored with Seth's help

Nicolas' bird

Lydia's bird

Anna's cardinal

Not as clear, but this is an eagle Nicolas drew later because he loves to draw birds in action. 

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