Saturday, October 16, 2010

What does Seth Do?

Many people have asked me, "What does Seth do while you homeschool the other kids?"  Well, allow me to show you in pictures what Seth does in the mornings.  You will notice on several pictures he is still in jammies.   Sometimes they don't come off until noon!
He worked on this quite a while one morning.  I think we may be able to skip the math unit on patterns someday!?!

We found this Rescue Hero command center at the Goodwill for $5.00.   Made one boy very happy.

Rescue Heroes were one of those toys that almost didn't make the move. Deciding what toys should go and which we could get rid of in the move was really hard (watching ToyStory 3 this summer did not help).  Nicolas loved to play with them when he was younger, and I have fond memories of playing with him, making up rescue scenarios. Prior to the move, however, Seth really hadn't played with them much.   This has been one of his favorites the last few weeks.

So good to see Billy Blazes and Jake Justice back in action.

Sorting cars is always a favorite.  Once again, we have a boy who enjoys patterns.

He likes trying to learn his number names.  

Sometimes he dresses up just to amuse the class.

Webkinz is always a favorite.  Good to teach him computer skills, right?

Occasionally, more academic pursuits take place such as practicing writing letters.

Art class in the form of playdough.

I'm sure all the great painters started like this...

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  1. Oh, how we love our "My Father's World" alphabet flashcards. Yours are in MUCH better shape than ours! It is amazing the number of games/activities you can create with those things. Thanks for the Sethy pic's!