Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caleb Finally Gets His Fireplace

I remember when Caleb was Seth's age and he so badly wanted a fireplace in our house like Grandpa and Grandma B.'s   Well, Caleb, not sure it is still that important to you, but you finally have a home with a fireplace.   Unfortunately, we had to move to a different house in a different town to give you this! A fireplace is not much fun, however, without any wood to burn, so yesterday Russ bought a cord of wood.  The boys went with him to pick it up and we all helped at home to unload and stack it by the shed.   Other than being a little windy, the weather was great--sunny and warm.  (Quite different from today--cold and wet.  Perfect fireplace weather, though!)  The kids were all so eager to help haul and stack that it really was fun.  Lydia only lasted until she saw her first spider on a log, but we take what we can get.  After working most of the afternoon on this project we treated the kids to a trip to the Hudsonville Pizza Ranch.  I know that probably sounds pathetic, but we haven't had Pizza Ranch pizza since we moved, and it tasted wonderful! 

All stacked up and ready to use

Not sure if this is truck belongs to the seminary or the Free Reformed Church, but students are able to borrow this truck for hauling things. 

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