Friday, October 29, 2010

The Last Dandelion?

Seth picked this dandelion for me on Wednesday--the day it was warm and sunny.  I am sure it will be the last dandelion for the season.  But I started to think, how many more times will someone come in the house with their chubby fingers around a bunch of the yellow flowers saying, "Mommy, I picked some pretty flowers for you!"  My baby is growing up and I know I will miss the innocence of the child who thinks dandelions are pretty flowers.  I like having a little one that still counts to eleventeen.  I love having a little one who brings me play food to eat.  Who has an imaginary friend, Sally, and who thinks I am the "absolutely best mommy ever."  (After our day yesterday I know that is not true, but it is still nice to hear!)  So, I am resolved to be okay with crayons, markers, rescue heroes, cars, playmobil, legos, dress-up, Barbies, polly pockets, books etc. scattered over the floor.  I am okay with hand prints, spilled milk, tracked in dirt and sand.  Because all too soon I know they will all be grown up... 

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