Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Full Weekend

We had a great weekend here in Grand Rapids.  Lots to keep us busy so we did not get too homesick (weekends are the hardest!).  Friday night we made the hour trip to Lansing to share a meal and fellowship with Kevin and Trisha DeYoung and family.  So fun to see how their family has grown as they just had Ian when they left OC.  We did recommit on the arranged marriage between Lydia and Ian.  Lydia did ask the other night what would happen if she married someone she thought was a Christian and he turned out not to be and was unkind.   Sometimes arranged marriages don't seem all that bad...

Saturday we worked hard in the morning to get some things done around the house and catch up on our instrument practicing.  Then we were invited by Dr. VanDoodewaard and his wife Rebecca to their place for soup and sandwiches before heading to the John Ball zoo.  They have two sweet kids, Anna who just turned 5 and Matthew who was just 2.  We had wonderful fellowship and lots of fun at the zoo.  It definitely wasn't the Henry Doorly Zoo, but I think it satisfied the annual fall zoo trip tradition.

Rebecca taught the kids how to blow into acorn caps to make a whistle

Caleb working on his whistle

Lydia makes a new friend

Taking a picture with John Ball.  Lydia kind of blends in but she's there!

The pelicans were harassing the ducks which was amusing to watch.

Aren't wood ducks beautiful?  My picture does not do this one justice.

Komodo dragon.  Take a look at that tongue!

Lydia's checking out a bear skin--head and claws.  What a brave Brie-Brie!

Bored grizzly bear.

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