Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week in review

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  This week has been a "recovery" week for me.  For those reading that are not family members, I should explain that I flew home last weekend to say good-bye to my sister and family who left for Haiti on Tuesday.  Cory and Lynn, Kester, Elizabeth and Alexandra will be working with Mission Haiti with a focus on improving existing ministries and working towards offering higher education, especially in the area of Bible and ministry training.  They will plan to take their first furlough this summer.  This will be quite an adjustment for them and my family would appreciate prayers on their behalf.  I am sure they would love it if you would follow their adventures on their blog:

Although it was wonderful to be back in Iowa (all my siblings were home!) it was hard to leave Russ and the kids behind.   When Russ picked me up from the airport, he got out of the van to put my luggage in the back.  We were both at the back of the van and all of a sudden we see this little boy scrambling to get out of his car seat to open the door.  He couldn't move fast enough to get to the sidewalk.  He just ran to me, jumped in my arms, and gave me a hug that only Sethie can give.  It is good to be missed!

Due to flight issues on the way out, I ended up getting into Sioux Falls quite late on Friday night, and I needed to get up quite early Monday morning to make my 6:40AM flight.   That combined with several late night chatting sessions wiped me out.   I played catch up most of the week, both with sleep and homeschooling!  I felt like a zombie on Monday night at BSF and was quite disoriented at the seminary wives meeting on Tuesday night.  I think I finally felt like myself on Thursday.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful this week--in the 60s every day.  We spent quite a bit of time outside--at the park or the Nature Center.  Today was cooler, however, and rained in the afternoon.

Russ is entering a busy time, so we don't expect to see him much the next several days.  He is working pretty hard to stay on top of Hebrew, so when a paper is due it is really tough to fit it all in.  He seems to enjoy where he is at and what he is studying (he had better!) so that helps. 

We had our Honda in to be serviced by a fella that goes to the Free Reformed church.  He was recommended by several people as he is quite reasonable/fair in his pricing and does good work.  He told Russ that the axles on the Honda were shot and that it appears to be "drinking" oil.  He recommended not taking the van out of town and keeping an eye out for another vehicle.  So, Russ and I are trying to decide whether now is a good time to just get a newer reliable vehicle to replace the Pontiac Montana (150,000 miles) and use the Montana as a second vehicle.  We have been looking but haven't found anything yet.

Today we just received confirmation that we are able to qualify for a heavily discounted membership at the YMCA.  That is an answer to prayer as this will give the kids and I an "out" this winter.   The city provides so many opportunities for fun things, but unfortunately we are finding that they may not fit into our budget.  So we will try to choose our activities wisely and take advantage of discounts when available.

So that is the news of the week.  We continue to "settle in" here in Michigan.  Sethie said this week that he has two houses.  "This house is Sethie's house and there is a Sethie house in Orange City.  But I still like the Sethie house in Orange City better."   I think this is the sentiment for all the kids, but we continue to adjust.


  1. As much as we miss sharing life with you in OC, it does make us anticipate the holidays much more this year. The kids are counting down the days...

  2. Thanks for the update Laura. In terms of fatigue, I think Melissa and you were on parallel trails last week in different locations. Please greet Russ for me.