Monday, October 25, 2010

Blanford Nature Center

We have been studying countries in North America and are currently doing a unit on Canada.   We have been reading the book Owls in Family since it takes place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The book is about a boy and his friend who have two great-horned owl pets named Wol and Weeps.   We were told by the Kleyns on Sunday that the Blanford Nature Center had owls, so thought we could go check it out this week as part of our study of owls/food chains etc. 

The nature center reminded us a little of Oak Grove, only without the river flowing through it.  The kids were quick to inform me that the trails were a lot easier here as they are pretty flat (nothing wrong with that!)  What a beautiful place to walk this time of year!  They have a visitor center with various kid friendly animal information centers, a book nook, and several stuffed animals.  Outside, besides the trails, historic buildings (kind of like Heritage Village in Sioux Center), and ponds, they have several large cages for live birds.  I think they had turkey vultures, a red-tailed hawk, other kinds of hawks, and a cage with two great-horned owls.  The kids thought it was great and named them Weeps and Wol.   Actually, one cage did not have a bird, but a bobcat.  Seth thought Smokey should visit the bobcat.  We did not have time to explore all the trails and are anxious to go back with dad to do the rest!

Sleeping bobcat

Kids called the one on the left Wol and the right Weeps

Wol, keeping an eye on us

Out on the trails

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  1. We just read a book that goes along with what you are learning. Adopted By An Owl. It's a story about a wildlife rescue worker who befriends a horned owl. The rescue worker's name is even Nick!:)