Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Night

Seth woke up the other morning and came to me, eyes still little, holding his blankie, "I had a really good dream, mommy."  He told me he dreamed about our house in OC.  "I went up to the door, and kissed the door, and then I knocked on the door.  Grandma and Auntie Becca opened the door.  It was such a good dream!"   I looked over at Caleb on the couch and saw that he was fighting tears.  The kids are doing great here at GR, but I know their hearts are still in OC.  Because of that I am trying to do and make up several fun family activities so they will have good memories here, too. 

Last night was "Family Movie Night".  The kids made up a concession stand for candy, popcorn, and drinks.  The boys came up with the prices, trying to make it a little more challenging for the girls to practice using/counting out change.  (They are starting to get into this home school thing!)  I thought we have these movie nights routinely and work our way through some family classics.  Tonight we started with....Over the Hedge.  Oh well, I guess we can work our way up and refine our tastes.  I don't know, maybe there is something theological in the movie because when Seth went to bed last night he asked me if God remote controls us.  That gave us a good discussion on man's free-will, God's sovereignty, foreknowledge and foreordaining.   Actually, I think I just told him no, God is in control of all things, but he does not remote control us.  We'll save the deep stuff for when he is five.

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  1. Sethy, Oh how I would love to come knocking on your Michigan house's door! I love you and miss you buddy!