Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big One!

Well, we finally got the storm that dropped 10-14 inches of snow.  The one major difference between this snow and all the others we have had (besides the obvious snow total amount) was the wind.  We felt like we were back in Iowa.  The snow began in earnest about 6:00 last night with strong winds.  It certainly was a blizzard.  The wind died down somewhat by morning, but it continued to snow another 2-4 inches this morning.  I am writing this at noon and the plow has still not been on our road.  Only those with pickups or 4-wheel drive have been brave enough to venture on the road.  PRTS cancelled classes today and I noticed that all other schools are closed including Calvin College.   Unfortunately for the kids, we are still plugging away today.  Everyone usually has less schoolwork on Wednesday (the boys usually have orchestra), so we were done in plenty of time.  We did get a late start as we all went outside to help clear snow.  Right now Anna, Lydia, and Seth are playing school and Russ and the boys are playing Settlers of Catan.  We are planning to watch Swiss Family Robinson later this afternoon.  Caleb had to read the book for  his literature unit and one of his writing assignments is to watch the Disney movie and compare the movie with the book.  Our neighbor, Brian, said he was planning to clear the ice rink, so skating may be on the docket this afternoon as well. 

I am including a few pictures of our morning.  I realized a didn't get a picture of Seth, but he was right out there shoveling with us.   The first picture I took on Sunday, the sun was shining again!
Sunday, when the sun shone again
Anna made her own sledding hill down into the driveway

Clearing the driveway

A better picture of Anna's sledding hill

Lydia sweeping the front porch

Nicolas "emptying" out his fort

Caleb shoveled the back porch

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  1. I didn't think it was possible, but I think that I just found a place with more snow than us:) The kids finally went back to school after two snow days...make that wind days! It is bitterly cold, but hope is in sight. I think that some days in the 30's are predicted! Thanks for the b-day pictures of Miss Anna. Hope she enjoys playing school!