Monday, February 21, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma B's Visit

How we looked forward to this visit!  We miss them so much today, but are glad they had a safe trip home in questionable Michigan weather.  We had about 8 inches of snow here on Sunday.  Mom and Dad left just as it started snowing in Grand Rapids and had a rough first hour or so, but then the temperature warmed and the snow and sleet turned to rain.   We hope they enjoyed their visit as much we did.   

Wednesday we went to Uncle Clarence and Aunt Alyda to make stroopwaffles as Aunt Alyda wanted to learn how to do this.  Uncle Clarence had just come home from the hospital two days earlier so was a little weak, but enjoyed visiting with Dad.   We did not make all of them that morning, Mom and I finished them on Saturday afternoon.   Wednesday afternoon we decided if we wanted to do outdoor winter activities it had to be now because there would be very little snow left with the huge melt going on.  So we took Dad to Richmond Park to go sledding.  The kids also enjoyed feeding the ducks a few bread crusts.Wednesday night Scott and Becky Dibbet came over for dessert and fellowship.  The kids enjoyed playing together and the adults enjoyed visiting.  Thanks, Mom, for making the dessert while we were sledding!

Thursday we homeschooled in the morning and then just relaxed after a busy day.  Dad and I ran a few errands, specifically trying to find a place to fill our grill propane tank.  Russ appreciated the leg work, and now we know where to go the next time we need a fill!  Thursday night Dad and Russ and the kids went to Meijer to pick out a bird feeder.  The kids have wanted one since we moved here and I told them they needed to wait for Grandpa, our bird expert.  Dad put it up on Saturday, but we haven't seen any birds, yet.  Today it was quite cold and windy and we didn't see any birds out--I am sure they were seeking shelter from the biting wind. 

Friday morning Dad took us out to Wolfgang's for breakfast.  We had yummy pancakes and fried eggs and ate a lot of food!  My kids love breakfast foods, so this was a real treat for them.  That afternoon we went to a play entitled "Honest Abe" at the Gerald Ford Museum.  After the play we were able to go through the museum as well.  Russ met us here after his classes and was able to take in the museum before taking the youngest three home with him.  Then Dad and Mom and the two older boys and I walked across the street to the Grand Rapids Museum for the Bodies Revealed exhibit.  This was fascinating.  I wish I still taught kinesiology and could take my class for a tour! As you walk through the exhibit, you cannot help marveling at our wonderful Creator and Designer.  We truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made."  Friday night we met at the elementary school for the Bleeker gathering.  They celebrated the Jan/Feb birthdays for the grandchildren and even had a gift for Anna Grace!  

Saturday Mom and Dad were able to walk to their leader's meeting at the church where we attend BSF.   I made breakfast for them when they came home and visited while we also made some food for Sunday.  We  finished making the stroopwaffles and I was able to freeze a bunch for a treat later on!   The kids and I took Grandpa on a neighborhood walk in the afternoon as the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  The crisp air was so refreshing.  Hard to believe that they predicted nasty weather for Sunday.

Sunday we went to Harvest OPC for church in the a.m.  We knew the weather was going to be iffy because we were in a winter storm warning so hurried back home to eat.    Just as we finished our meal the snow started, but Mom and Dad were able to make it out and back home safely.  What a blessing; God is so gracious. 

We didn't do much with Saudi Arabia in home school last week as we did a mini-unit on Abraham Lincoln to prepare for the play.  I found some fun activities for the girls on a home school website that were based on the book "Abe Lincoln:  the Boy Who Loved Books."  (Thanks, Heather!)  Nicolas read a book on Abe Lincoln and helped Anna with her Lincoln fact sheet.  Caleb actually did a mini-report on Gerald Ford instead.  I enjoyed his new found knowledge as we walked through the museum together.  Grandpa and Grandma brought some fun treats for the kids which entertained all of us. The ball on the rope puzzle made us laugh as Grandpa worked so hard on it Tuesday night even threatening to get the scissors, while Anna just calmly separates the ball and string the next morning.    We all had oodles of fun finding the objects in the Find It tube.  One thing was left undone when Grandpa and Grandma left:  finding out the date on the penny.   Russ found it, though, several hours after they left and we called to let them know.  But just in case they aren't quite sure I'll post the picture, too.  

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  1. Oh, Laura - Those pictures of your dad are awesome! Ardith looks lovely in hers too of course, but "Dr. CMB" on a sled just made me giggle. :)

    I thought of you on Friday. My whole book club is going e-reader on me. Sad. :(