Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The kids rediscovered the dress-up tubs downstairs a few days ago.   Nicolas made a "pirate ship" out of chairs and blankets and even equipped it with a rotating telescope (a music stand and a map cylinder).   They all found a stuffed animal or some sort of sidekick to dress-up too.  They have had a few days of lots of great pretend play with maps, telescopes, etc.  I think part of this was inspired by Disney's version of Swiss Family Robinson.  Caleb informed us that no pirates are ever talked about in the book, so Disney just added that story line for more excitement.  At any rate, the kids loved the movie and as you see below, Nicolas made his own tree house out of Legos that I thought was pretty creative.  Here are a few pictures of the pirates and their sidekicks.  (Caleb helped them come up with ideas, but didn't dress-up himself).

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