Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Quite Ready?

One of the seminary professor's wife has a little girl who is just a little less than a year older than Seth (maybe 10 months older).  She is already reading and Rebecca is going through a first grade curriculum with her.  I just mentioned to her that I am not doing anything formal with Seth.  At times he seems to want to, but he can't seem to even get his letter names down.  At church one night she gave me three books from the Explode the Code series.  These books actually go before the main books--a sort of primer series. She thought they may help him learn his letter names.   So, last week I thought I would start them with Seth to see how he would do.  We spent several minutes each day on the letter "f".  There were various activities with the sound it makes, recognizing the letter, and tracing and writing the letter.  At the end of the week he could recognize the letter we learned, but when I asked him the name of this letter he was just shooting in the dark.   "L?"  "G!"  "A?"     Um, no, that is "F", "e-e-e-f-f-f-f".  "F" for "frustrating".    I wonder if Mrs. Starkenburg is wanting to move to Grand Rapids?

I know all pistons are firing, though, as noted by his questions/observations in the last week.    As we pulled into the mall parking lot he observed, "God didn't make everything.  People planted these trees and built these buildings and made these roads."     Or, earlier this week, when after reading the book of Jonah  with the truth that no one can hide from God he declared,  "You can hide from God.  You can hide from God in the trees."  I was intrigued so questioned, "In the trees?"  "Uh-huh, God couldn't find Adam and Eve.  He asked 'Where are you?'"  Four seems a little young to be questioning biblical truths...

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