Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegetables are Key

This blog post contains bathroom humor.  If that will offend you please stop reading and catch up with us on another day.  If you are intrigued...keep reading. 

Seth and Lydia both suffer from diarrhea on occasion.   They both hate having the runs (not that anybody enjoys it) because they end up with a sore bottom and often a toot isn't quite a toot and, well, then it gets a little messy.  I am convinced it is related to their unbalanced diet due to picky eating.   So, to encourage them to eat their vegetables I started the "it will keep you from getting the diarrhea" mantra.   Believe it or not this has worked to get them to eat better and prevent the runs.  They still have days/weeks, however, when it doesn't seem that important to them to eat well because it has been so long since they have had a "bout", and then "wham" the diarrhea hits again. 

This is all to set the stage for the following story.  We were all sitting in our family room while I was reading a read-aloud to the kids.  Quite often they have something on the floor that they are playing with to keep their hands busy.  Seth all of a sudden jumps up and says he has to go "stinky" and could I please stop reading until he gets back.  No problem.  He runs to the bathroom right off the family room and like many typical four-year-olds does not shut the bathroom door.  It isn't long before we (who are quietly waiting for his return) hear this huge "explosion" from the bathroom.  The kids all look at me with wide eyes and start to snicker.  I, trying to be sensitive to the feelings of my youngest, shush them.   Then we hear a  little voice holler from the bathroom, "You shoulda made some broccoli!"   That is when I laughed.

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  1. Wow! That was funny. I always blamed my kids' erratic digestive system on the Frankens. I guess that the Bleekers have some issues of their own! I haven't even talked to mom and dad since they have been back from their Michigan trip. The post on their visit was so cute. Love the sledding pictures! Say hello to the rest of the family. All our love!