Monday, January 31, 2011

Anna is 9 today!

Nine years ago today, Anna Grace was born while 4-5" of snow fell in Sioux Center.   My first girl and my biggest baby at 8.0#.    How different it was and still is to have a girl after two boys, but what a joy!

Anna started her day with her favorite breakfast--fried eggs over easy with hash browns.   I made her a cup of mint hot chocolate with whipped cream and crushed Andes mints on top, something she has begged me to make all winter.  I had gotten up at 6:00 to do my Meijer shopping for the week and take advantage of all the sales and couldn't resist picking up an inexpensive, but springy bunch of flowers for my birthday girl.  We set them on the home school table and surprised her when she came to start her school day.  After school, lunch and piano lessons she opened her gifts while we skyped Grandpa and Grandma Bleeker.  She requested "dirt" cups instead of cake and ice cream so we enjoyed that for an afternoon snack.   Anna requested fettuccine with alfredo sauce, her favorite fruit salad, and lettuce salads for her birthday meal.  Always nice for a mom to have requests--wish they would do that more often!  Here are a few pictures of her day.

Anna's favorite flower in the bunch

Clock radio for her bedroom from Grandpa and Grandma B

Thanks Uncle Bryan and Aunt Becca!

PJs from mom and dad--how practical...

Dirt cups for birthday dessert.
Notice all the pictures of flowers?
I think they just look so bright and
springy which is uplifting
when they are predicting 8-14 inches of snow!

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