Saturday, January 15, 2011


As I have mentioned on several posts, we have not had any "big" snows here in Grand Rapids, just 1-3 inches here and there.  We had been told before we moved about the huge amounts of snow we would have and just haven't seen it yet.   I noticed this article in the Saturday paper today that I thought was interesting.  I think I was also drawn to this article since Caleb has been studying weather and weather patterns in science.

Feeling out of the wintry weather action, Grand Rapids?  We may not be forgotten for long with a snowfall pattern shift on the way.  "Grand Rapids is kind of getting nickel and dimed--a little bit of snow here and there, and nothing too drastic at one time," said John Kowaleski a Grand Rapids meteorologist for the national Weather Service.  "But there's a jet stream shift coming, and we could potentially be back in the storm path for the rest of winter."  Until now, a northwest jet stream has been pushing storms south to the Ohio Valley, rather than on a usual Great lakes path.  Those north winds also blew lake effect snows toward the south end of Lake Michigan.  Just 21.5 inches of snow has fallen so far in Grand Rapids, short of the 32-inch average for mid-January.  Muskegon tallied 32 inches, short of its 54-inch average.  South Bend, Ind, meanwhile got hit recently with 28 inches in one storm.  Its season total is 70 inches--nearly average.  It snowed 6 inches in Atlanta, 20 times its normal.  "The jet stream is in the process of shifting now.  There's a big high pressure over Alaska, and it's shoving everything over.  These shifts usually last--it's hard to say how long--but for a month, anyway." Kowaleski said.  The region may reap results beginning Monday night and Tuesday:  the forecast calls for up to 6 inches of snow.  "this storm is on a different path--a widespread snow for all of southern Michigan--and it's looking pretty healthy," Kowaleski said. 

So, we'll see if we get more "big" snows now.  I know the kids would like it, not that it would give them a snow day or anything:)

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