Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week of Jan 24

Russ started a new semester on Tuesday.  He jumped right in with a Hebrew exam in Hebrew II Tuesday morning.  He also has Anthropology with Dr. Beeke, Homiletics: Preaching Christ from the Old Testament with Dr. Murray,  a class called Leadership, also with Dr. Murray, and Theology of John Calvin with Dr. VanDoodewaard.  He has Practice Preaching on Tues and Wednesday afternoons.  He had this class last semester, but just sat in and gave comments to those who preached.  This semester he actually prepares a sermon and preaches.  I think he does this February 8--he is the first one on the docket.   All these classes only give him 12 credits (these were the only in-classroom classes offered that counted towards his MDiv), so he will do a couple of classes independently late spring, early summer.  Dr. Bilkes is on sabbatical this semester.

The kids and I had a pretty routine week.  We started our unit on Africa, specifically studying Kenya and the grasslands/savanna.  The rest of the week included BSF on Mon night,  music lessons on Mon and Tues, Wed morning orchestra, some ice skating next door and sledding at the Meekhof's on Wednesday afternoon (yes, they had snow on their hill this time!), and a little running and BB at the "Y".  Last night (Friday) we were invited along with all PRTS faculty and students to Dr. Murray's home.    That was quite a crew to fit into their beautiful home.  The kids had their lunch first, then went outside to sled on a hill right behind their house.  The outside lights in the backyard lit the hill so it was pretty safe in the dark.  The Murray kids had built ramps and things into the hill for a more exciting sledding experience.  While all the kids were outside, the adults enjoyed a snack/lunch and a more organized discussion time.  I had made caramel corn and lemon bars to share.  Everyone brought a little something and they had so much food it was ridiculous. 

I took this picture on Sunday afternoon.  The sun/sky were so beautiful, maybe because we see it so little in the winter.  We did not see the sun the rest of the week.  It is interesting that Sunday was very cold and the rest of the week has been warmer--in the 20s.  So we don't see the sun much, but we do have warmer temps because of that. 

I will end with a few Sethisms for the week, some cute, some not as cute.

He smothers my face with kisses.  "Wow, buddy, what are all those kisses for?"  "You are so beautiful.  You just...look good." 

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, you are the sweetest God.  Thank you for being more faithful than we are...and you still like us.

When questioned by his daddy on his lack of obedience:  "Dad!  God remote controls us!  We just don't have batteries."  This was said very earnestly with arms outstretched. 

On another day when again questioned by his daddy on his lack of obedience:  "Dad!  You are not my boss!"  This one didn't go over as well as the previous one. 

P. S.  Mouse count is now at 5.  Ugh!

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