Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guten Morgen!

We finished our unit on Europe and our most recent study of Germany with our own Oktoberfest last night.  We cooked brats and sauerkraut and made German potato pancakes.  We also had baked beans (not sure how German they are.)

No German meal is complete without beer--root beer that is:)

After our meal we gathered in front of the fireplace for movie night.  We wanted to watch the Sound of Music, but both copies were out at the library.  We settled for the Return of Nanny McPhee.  After the movie we had our dessert--a German cake mix that I found at the food pantry.

It was a poppy seed cake with whipped cream and marzipan as the frosting.  Anything with a little almond in it is good for me!  It came with a stencil of Handel to put on top with a dusting of cocoa.  We listened to a little of Handel's water music while we ate dessert.    Dad granted the kids permission to sleep in front of the fire last night.  I thought that meant sleeping bags, etc.  Russ actually went and got three of the kids mattresses from upstairs to throw down, Caleb slept on the couch, and Nicolas slept, well, I'm not sure how he slept in that mess of bean bag, pillow, and blankets.  While they were all snuggled in, I read a few chapters from Hans Brinker.  I think Lydia was asleep before I finished and Seth was well on his way.   They actually slept until after 8:30 this morning.

Boy and his cat...

I think all the kids would agree that the evening was "wunderbar!"

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