Sunday, January 23, 2011


 Nicolas is probably the lowest maintenance child we have.  He is almost always in a good mood and is rarely bored.  He does bug us to play Settlers of Catan all the time, but other than that he is usually doing school work, reading a book, creating with Legos, setting up some elaborate Lego village or Playmobil castle, playing a game with his siblings, helping me in the kitchen, or outside making snowballs.   One thing that makes Nicolas Nicolas is his love of animals.  It is no wonder that he loved the Redwall series and Erin Hunter's Warrior series.  It is also not surprising that one of his favorite Narnia characters is Reepicheep.  He was busy the other morning fiddling with stuffed animals, and the above picture is what he came up with.  His own version of Reepicheep.  I thought it was pretty creative and cute--he even has the silver ring and feather.

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