Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are All The Children In?

Are All the Children In?

The darkness falls, the wind is high;
Dense black clouds fill the western sky;
The storm will soon begin.
The thunders roar, the lightnings flash,
I hear the great round rain-drops dash--
Are all the children in?

They're coming softly to my side;
Their forms within my arms I hide--
No other arms as sure.
The storm may rage with fury wild,
With trusting faith each little child
With mother feels secure.

But future days are drawing near--
They'll go from this warm shelter here,
Out in the world's wild din.
The rain will fall, the cold winds blow;
I'll sit alone and long to know, 
Are all the children in.

Mrs. S.T. Perry

And so the letting go begins...

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