Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vacation Part 3 -- Big Sand Lake

As long as we lived in northwest Iowa around family, much of the "specialness" of this vacation was the beauty, the activities, and the nostalgia of the PLACE.  Since moving away from family, the "specialness" has shifted more to the PEOPLE.  I felt this more acutely this year since moving to Idaho.   It seems that the emphasis (for me) has shifted from fishing, swimming, boating, etc at beautiful Big Sand while being with people we love, to being able to spend time with people we love while enjoying beautiful Big Sand and doing all those fun things. 
Here are our favorite memories of the this year.

Soccer tournament:  This was so much fun and we thank Corey and Kester for organizing it and being flexible with flooded soccer fields and a Logging Camp breakfast.

Logging Camp breakfast:

Skiing and wakeboarding:

Paddleboards and kayaks:



Washers, bocce, and trac ball:

Swimming and the white dock--(sorry Bryan, it is one of my favorite pictures:)

Castles in the sand (or Target Field?)

Summerhill Farm shopping with the girls:

Fishing--Thanks Caden and Nicolas again for letting me use the "hot" pole for northern fishing.  I had a ton of fun that night!  

The dropped net is rescued by Dad/Uncle Russ.

The annual pontoon fishing trip

With Uncle Dave's fish...

Fish fry:

Evening suppers:

Spending time with cousins and family:

Twins (they get their own category!)--This was the first time most our family met the twins.  (Caleb and I saw them shortly after they were born when we came for a college visit).  We were blessed to be able to share a cabin with them and are depressed to think how much they will change before we see them in person again.

Love this place...

...but I love these crazy people more!

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