Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vacation Part 2--Yellowstone National Park

After Craters of the Moon we drove to West Yellowstone and YNP through the west entrance.

You can just see the Tetons in the distance on the drive from Craters to Yellowstone

We drove just a few miles into the park before we stopped for a late lunch.  Our potato chip bags provided a great teaching moment on air pressure at low vs high altitudes!

After lunch we walked through some of the mud pots and steam pools and eventually ended up at Old Faithful.  

We drove back out of the park to Big Sky, MT where we stayed for the night. 

It rained as we left Yellowstone that first day and we were treated to a beautiful rainbow on the drive to Big Sky.

The view from our room at Big Sky

We knew we were in skiing/mountain country when we entered the hotel and saw this sign.

The next morning we drove back into Yellowstone and spent the day at the Upper and Lower Falls, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and Yellowstone Lake.

We found if you are willing to hike the trails around the falls, you totally get away from crowds.  I think we only met about a dozen people in all on our trail hikes.

We drove back to Big Sky again for the night, and then drove the entire next day to Dickinsen, ND.

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