Monday, August 10, 2015

Vacation Part 1--Craters of the Moon National Monument

I am happy to finally sit down and post a few summer pictures.  On our way to Minnesota to meet the Bleeker family at Big Sand we decided to make a couple stops, namely Craters of the Moon National Monument and Yellowstone National Park.  

We left on Wednesday, July 15 early in the morning.  By 10:00 we were climbing volcanic rock and enjoying a completely different kind of landscape than we have ever before experienced.   Craters of the Moon is just a huge area of lava flows that one Oregon trail traveler once described as "Devil's Vomit".  

The view from the top.

You can kind of see how the lava flowed and bubbled.

And just when you think nothing could possible grow in this landscape...

Lava cones...close up and a little farther away.

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  1. Great pictures, Laura! I'd never heard of this park before, but it looks neat.