Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vacation Part 5 -- Wakefield Farms

I wasn't sure whether to give this a post of its own or not since we were only here a few hours.  But then I thought, "Hey, we were only at Crater's of the Moon a few hours and Greg's dairy was just as good if not better than that!"

We left Newton Hills State Park on Thursday morning and arrived just in time to enjoy the lunch Shan had set out for us.  Following lunch they took us on the grand tour of Wakefield Farms.  I noted two things during our tour:  
1.  A big dairy can still be a family dairy  
2.  Jersey cows are really cute.

 The kids had fun changing their body shape and making Elastigirl arms with their reflection in the tanker truck.

I think this girl could live on a dairy and make pets of all the Jersey cows.

Greg pulled this calf out shortly after I took the picture.  Not sure why I didn't take a follow up...

Seth would enjoy just climbing the cotton seed and silage piles.

The Boss at his desk

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