Monday, October 5, 2015

Seth's Turns 9

I realized I have not posted for awhile, so I have to go w-a-a-y back to August 29, Seth's birthday.   He insisted on some sort of 3-D cake, but wasn't quite sure what he wanted.  Initially, he thought he wanted a clock or watch cake, but he eventually settled on the puppy.

His birthday was on a Saturday, and we had a pretty low-key day.  Nicolas had a football scrimmage in the morning, so we waited until afternoon to open gifts (a shared Playmobil gift with Lydia and a new ESV Bible) and have cake/ice cream.  Later that afternoon we took a trip to the Boise River in Eagle (about 10 minutes from our house) and found a new favorite spot to walk and enjoy God's beautiful creation.  We have been here 3-4 times now with the kids, and I walk the paths every Friday morning with my friend, Joanie.  Now that the trees are changing colors it is even more beautiful!

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