Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Activity Update

Seth began piano lessons this fall and is doing a great job of practicing without being reminded.  He also played flag football for the first time and improved quite a bit after gaining a little confidence in what he was doing.  To continue to keep him busy I signed him up for the homeschool program at the Boise Zoo once a month.   He is studying various animals and biomes in the zoo program which complements exactly what we are learning in our science curriculum this year.  He also enjoys Cadets every other Wednesday night and BSF on Tuesday evenings.

Lydia began formal string lessons this fall.  Up until this point Caleb had been giving her violin lessons, but she has actually always wanted to play the viola.  Caleb's violin teacher here in Boise is actually a viola player and she was thrilled to be able to take Lydia on as a viola student.  Since she is still taking piano lessons, she stays pretty busy with her school work and instrument practice.  She also enjoys GEMS at church every other Wednesday and BSF on Tuesdays.

Anna continues to love her piano and plays/practices whenever she has free time or is not absorbed in her new favorite book series (whatever that may be).  She graduated from GEMS this year and now attends youth group every other Sunday afternoon.  Since Dad leads the book discussion/teaching and both mom and dad help out with the youth group she just can't get away from us.  She also attends BSF with us on Tuesdays.  We are hoping since she is now being treated for iron-deficient anemia her energy level and desire for physical activity will improve!

Nicolas has had a busy fall since he decided to go out for football as the kicker for the varsity team.  He also ended up playing defense for two quarters of most JV football games.  So with team football dinners on Wednesday nights after practice, JV games on Thursday nights, and varsity games on Friday nights we did not see him much.  When he is at home he is usually parked at the kitchen table working on AP Physics or Pre-calculus problems.  He is playing cello in the Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra again this year and has his first concert on November 14.  He is also attends the church youth group and hopes to join us at BSF now that football is over.  He just passed his "behind the wheel" driving test last Saturday, so if he passes the written test on Thursday this week, we will officially have another licensed driver in the house.  

A beautiful Friday night under the lights in Melba.  Truly felt like we were in Idaho with the rifle raffle for a football fundraiser and the big pickups escorting the homecoming court onto the field at half-time.

Caleb has had a super busy first semester of college at Dordt.  He left on the 13th of August to begin soccer practice.  He saw quite a bit of playing time in the JV soccer games and enjoyed moving from defense to outside midfield.  They ended the season with only two losses.   The Dordt orchestra conductor called Caleb this summer and asked if he would be willing to play viola instead of violin at Dordt.  He continues to receive his scholarship, but now has viola lessons instead of violin lessons.  He plays viola for the Dordt orchestra, but plays violin for the Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra (NISO).  Seth, Anna, and I flew out to Iowa a few weeks ago.  We were able to catch his last JV soccer game, see his dorm room, and meet a few of his new college friends. 

Soccer photos courtesy of Dordt Athletics Facebook page...

Dressed as the Titanic captain in his first Dordt Concert--the Pops Concert

So if preaching twice on Sunday, teaching adult Sunday school, leading the youth group book discussion, making weekly pastoral visits, attending church meetings, and leading prayer meetings once a month isn't enough to keep this man busy, he has just been named Cole Valley's new head track coach.  He just can't stay away from the sport!  Nicolas is excited to be coached by his dad again this coming year.  

Here are a few pictures of the youth group at a couple youth group activities we had this fall.
First annual nerf gun capture the flag war

Corn maze winners...although their methods might have been a little sketchy.

Our last place finishers...they just couldn't find one mailbox.  Don't they look sad?:(

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