Saturday, April 2, 2011

He's not in his 20s anymore...

Whew!  Russ is happy to put this grueling week behind him and is looking forward to a week of spring break.  His week started with an intense Hebrew exam on Monday followed by a 3-4 page paper on the covenants due Wednesday and a 7-8 page paper on John Calvin due last night by midnight.  He had some very early mornings and extremely late nights finishing these papers, studying, and translating.  In addition,  he was up at 4:00a.m. to bring a seminary student who is heading to Arkansas to preach in Rev. Lipsy's church to the airport in Lansing.   I'm assuming Russ will  use spring break to catch up on sleep?

The rest of us missed him this week and are looking forward to having him around more next week.  The kids and I had a movie night Thursday night.  We watched "The Amazing Panda Adventure" which we checked out from the library.  On Friday night we went to the Michigan Bleeker get-together at Jim at Lisa's house.  They celebrated the March and April birthdays including our Nicolas'.  The rest of the week was spent doing schoolwork, practicing instruments, reading, playing outside, playing cowboys and Indians (Nicolas found this headdress at a thrift shop for $.27 and the kids have had the best imaginative play with it),

practicing drawing from Nicolas' "How to Draw" book that he got for his birthday,

watching bald eagle eggs hatch on a live stream video,

and watching/feeding the squirrels on our porch.

I know, not real exciting but we are okay with that.  The kids and I were glad to have an uneventful week and I am sure Russ is praying for a quiet week next week, too!

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