Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nicolas!

Our Nickie Picks turned 12 today!   Even though it was chilly outside, the sun shone all day.  Nicolas started his day with a breakfast request of homemade buttermilk pancakes.  After filling our tummies we started in on school.  It had been a little while since we had played the geography game, so we started with a review of countries and continents.  After that it was time to work through our stack of schoolwork.   We ate a quick lunch and then Nicolas and I made our weekly trip to the seminary food pantry.  He always goes with me and is a great help with weighing bags and carrying things out to the van.  We quickly unloaded the van and then loaded up the cello for lessons.  Nicolas continues to work through a Sonata by Romberg.  He is sounding pretty good (and I'm getting better at accompanying him which is good since I will need to for his recital!).  After cello lessons, a quick snack and getting the kids settled watching the "Deep Ocean" in the Blue Planet DVD, I headed to Meijer for a few ingredients for the homemade pizza Nicolas requested.   He was able to open a few gifts after Russ got home from school.  We then enjoyed Dad's pizza and dessert pizza.  After supper the kids enjoyed setting up the Lego set Nicolas got from Grandma and Grandpa B.  The kids took quick baths and then I continued our current read-aloud "Daughter of the Mountains".    Seth and the girls then headed off to bed and devotions while Caleb finished practicing violin and Nicolas played chess on the computer.   After this, Caleb and Nicolas did devotions and headed to bed.  Now I am catching up on the blog and Russ is planning to work on a paper.  I think it may be a late night for him.  So, there you have how the Herman's spent Nicolas' birthday!

Reading a card from Caleb
Gift from Caleb

From Seth and the girls

From Mom and Dad
From Grandpa and Grandma B

"Is this mine or for Nicolas?"

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