Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100 Day!

Today we celebrated "100 Day" with Lydia.  Since Wednesdays are a science or "exploring nature" day, they have not been counted in the days of school.  So we may have celebrated "100 Day" a little later then most schools.   I remembered when the other kids celebrated this at OCCS so we tried to make it fun.   Rolling two dice 100 times and making a graph of the number of times 2-12 were rolled was probably our favorite activity.  This "teacher" mom liked it because it reinforced addition facts 100 times!   Some of the other activities we did included estimating and then measuring how far 100 steps would be outside, how far 100 inches would be, and how big of a tower we could make with 100 Legos.  

Lydia is actually almost done with her curriculum for the year.  She just completed her phonics workbook and no formal lesson plans are written out for the next four weeks.  This curriculum just gives some recommendations for challenging reading and creative writing activities, as well as continuing to review all the areas in math she has learned this year.   So I guess we will just make lots of trips to the library, find a special writing notebook, and think of some creative story "starter" lines.  If you have any ideas let me know...

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