Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mel Trotter

In February 1900, Mel Trotter was instrumental in opening a Mission in Grand Rapids, MI.  Earlier in Mel's life during a time of heavy drinking and gambling he found himself homeless in Chicago, IL.  He was led to Christ at a Mission, became involved in the Mission in Chicago, and ultimately was led to Grand Rapids to open a Mission.   The Mission currently includes a men's and women's shelter, chapel, dental and vision clinics, Food Pantry, and Clothing Distribution Center.  From what I understand, in order to stay at the shelter the men (and women?) are required to listen to a short gospel message following their meal.   Since a message is given every evening, churches take turns providing speakers.  The Free Reformed Church has committed a speaker once a month and Russ took a turn this last Saturday evening--speaking just to the men at their shelter.  He spoke on Luke 5:1-11.  Since no screening of the men takes place, some men are sober, coherent and wanting to attend, while others are drunk having no desire to be there.  Russ knew he wasn't in "Kansas" anymore after one of the individuals who had too much to drink began to shout within the first couple of minutes!  Overall, however, it was a good experience and he would go back in a heartbeat.

This made for a busy weekend for him as he had this message to prepare for, a book review due by 5:00 last Friday, a typology paper/assignment due on Monday, and now has a five page paper due this Friday for Leadership.  Next week Tuesday he takes an Anthropology midterm.  All this time he also needs to stay on top of  Hebrew as a Hebrew exam is also looming.  Did I mention he also has a ten page paper on Calvin that he needs to begin researching?   And I think I am weary with teaching the kids school!  

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