Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I had one of those "mother moments" the other day when you only listen to your child with half an ear because you're busy or distracted.  I know that sounds bad, but I think most moms know what I am talking about.    My day went something like this:

Nicolas:  "Mom, can have that old Pringle can in the garbage?"

Me:  "Uh-huh, sure"

Awhile later:

Nicolas:  "Mom,  can I spray paint something?"

Me:  "Um, sure. I think it is on the shelf in the garage.   Just make sure you do it in the garage or outside and put newspaper down."

Later on :

Nicolas:  "Mom, do you know where our beads are, you know, in that one can?"

Me:  "Um, yeah, they are in the closet in the office."

Soon after:

Nicolas:  "Mom, can I use your hot glue gun?"

Me:  "Uh, sure.  I think it is in the craft tub.  Make sure you unplug it when you are done."

On these distracted, busy days when you finally have down time (maybe in the bathroom?) all of the pieces of conversation come back at once.   For me it was "Pringle can? Spray paint? Beads? Glue gun?  What on earth!"   Finally I asked the question that I probably should have asked in the first place, "Nicolas, what are you making and why did you need to use spray paint and my hot glue gun?"

Here is the finished product...

...a quiver for his homemade bow and arrows.  Since this picture was taken, Nicolas made another arrow with red cardinal feathers found in the back yard.  

But this was his latest project, unveiled just this morning:

At least he isn't bored--and that is a good thing, because when Nicolas gets bored he tends to irritate the rest of us!

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