Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon the Meekhof family (BSF friends at whose house we have sledded twice--once without snow and once with snow) invited us to their Sport Barn for some fun and fellowship.   This worked out great since Nicolas' cello lessons were rescheduled for Thursday due to a conflict for the teacher.  We ate an early lunch, made a speedy trip to the food pantry, and then made the trek to Nunica, MI where the Sport Barn is located.  Connie's husband does a little real estate business on the side and due to the economy has been unable to rent or sell this warehouse that is across from where he has his office.  So instead of leaving it empty, for the last two years they have enjoyed setting up a dream area for boys who love sports.   We arrived around 1:00 and left around 4:00.  We took snacks/drinks along to share and had a great time.

A nice carpeted area for kids to play.

Nice BB court completely enclosed with netting.

There is even plenty of room to ride bikes! 

I didn't realize how close we were to Grand Haven until Connie suggested we drive the ten additional minutes to check out Lake Michigan.  The waves that freeze near the beach are pretty cool to see.  My pictures do not do them justice as I was taking them into the sun.  I didn't get closer because it was quite windy and cold.  We did not come prepared with hats, mittens and boots so we were all freezing!  Maybe you can get a little bit of an idea?  This is the exact same park we were at when we came in September.   Had a slightly different feel this time!

Although freezing, still having fun!

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