Friday, April 22, 2011

Frogs and snails...

Some boys are just more frogs-in-the-pocket, dirty fingernails, clothes always soiled, dig in the dirt, earthworm type of boys.  Nicolas fits in this category.  Since the weather continues to be cool and wet in Grand Rapids, Michigan what can Nicolas do when he goes outside?  Look for slugs!  I don't know how many he and the girls and Seth actually found, or how many they put in an old nightcrawler container, but it appears to be several.  Nicolas is faithfully wetting their habitat and feeding them lettuce.  They must be thriving because he found slug eggs underneath the rock he gave them.  Ugh!

We are so looking forward to spring and a little more sunshine!  We are excited to see buds on the trees and the occasional daffodil, tulip, or crocus, but without sun it still seems pretty unspringlike.  The girls and I decided to bring spring into the house by making a crocheted flower tree for our dining room table.   This is the finished product:

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  1. Oh, wow. Substitute "girls" for "boys" in that first sentence... and "Elisabeth" for "Nicolas" in the second... and you have our "frogs & snails" experience! :)