Friday, April 8, 2011

The Week of April 3

Some of the highlights of the week:

My cousin Joel's daughter, Sydney, who is a student at Calvin came for dinner on Sunday.  We haven't seen her for quite awhile and enjoyed getting to know her.   I feel bad for not connecting earlier; the kids really enjoyed having her here and look forward to her next visit.  

It was cool and rainy most of the week.  When the weather was nice, the kids tried to play outside but the lawn was pretty muddy and soupy.  Nicolas has been working on a little fort in the back corner of the yard.  It is actually a mess of overgrown grape vine and wire to which he added a few trimmed pine branches for a ceiling.  He has also been busy making furniture for it with scrap lumber.

Russ had the week off for spring break and was able to finish our taxes.  They were a little more complicated with the sale/buy of houses and having to complete forms for two states, but they are done!   He was able to do some schoolwork and a few home projects, but due to the weather, very little yard work.  He also took the kids to the YMCA one afternoon while I had a meeting for my seminary wives committee.  Another seminary wife and I are working on a handbook for new seminary families.  Something we wish we had last fall!

On Friday we met with the Free Reformed Church homeschool group.  All the kids were asked to give oral book reports which my older four participated in.  Then they had an art lesson on drawing.  They drew a bald eagle which seemed appropriate since we spent so much time watching the Decorah eagles on-line this week.

Maybe not quite an eagle, but a great drawing anyway!

By Nicolas

By Caleb

By Anna Grace

We ended up taking Weston Kleyn home with us.  He is Nicolas' age and reminds us of Caden.  He joined us for our Japanese meal (more about that on the next post) and then the rest of his family came over for dessert and fellowship when they came to pick him up.   The oldest in the Kleyn family is Hannah (between Caleb and Nicolas), then Weston, Simeon, Kyle and Sam.   The kids were having a great time playing Apples to Apples until Lydia fell backwards off a bar stool and hit her back and head on the corner of the wall, splitting it open.  We ended our night at the ER with Lydia coming home with staples in her head.  Sigh... This is her fourth ER visit; the second time she's had staples in her head.  She came home with a sore head, but happily slurping a slushie.  I guess when you go to a brand new Children's ER, they come equipped with slushie machines to cater to the clientele.   They had better have a good slushie supply because the doctor told Russ they see around 200 kids a night.  We aren't in Orange City anymore!

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