Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

We had a quiet restful weekend.  The weather was not great--Russ and I took a walk in the rain on Saturday afternoon.  We listened to Rev. Maurice Roberts from Scotland on Sunday at the Free Reformed Church.  He was there last weekend as well.  He is very easy to listen to and had good "passion week" sermons.  Sunday night we again went to Harvest OPC.  Pastor Dale did not preach, but a PhD student from Calvin, Mika Edmunson, preached a great gospel sermon emphasizing the doctrines of grace.   I think he wanted a few more "Amens" and "Hallelujahs" from the congregation, but since he had been worshiping at Harvest for about 6 months he probably knew what to expect!  Russ and I also tried to listen to a few messages from the Together for the Gospel conference in Chicago, but really only finished Alistair Begg's message on Christ in the book of Ruth.  I would like to pick away at a few more of those this week.

We were totally bummed to wake up this Monday morning to snow on the ground.  Not just a dusting, but at least 2 inches!

Were the kids just out here a few days ago playing playdough with the neighbor kids?

The kids have named the little squirrel that begs for sunflower seeds "Me" or "Me-Me" because he always puts one paw to his chest as if he is asking "Me?"  He regularly comes to the screen door to beg (we have lots of squirrels, but only one that comes up to the porch).  Smokey (the cat) likes to sit at the screen door with her tail twitching, her fur ruffled, all ready to pounce.  Me-Me remains unfazed.  Today, however, I felt a little violated when I entered the kitchen as Me-Me found a new place to beg-- on the flower planter right outside my kitchen window.  Of course, the kids fed the beggar and I am sure he will be back daily.

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