Monday, October 22, 2012

Soccer Fall 2012

Caleb's soccer season ended a few weeks ago.  He wasn't sure how he felt about playing JV again this year, but when they ended up with only 12 guys on the team and he was able to play almost the entire time each game, he was pretty happy where he ended up.  They finished the season 11-4-2.   Not bad for only having one sub most games (and some games they had none!)  It was fun as parents to watch their coach (new this season) utilize his players to their strengths and correctly assess where each should be for the greatest good of the team.  Last year this never seemed to materialize while this year the coach was able to get the most from his players by having them in positions that played to their strengths.  For Caleb this meant his realizing that his "calling" as a soccer player was as a defender after beginning the season as a mid-fielder.  Here are a few "in action" shots. 

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