Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art Prize Part 2

Isn't this reflection cool?
Last weekend Philip and Pam and family came up from Chicago to experience ArtPrize.  Unfortunately, I had to work all day, but I sent my camera with Russ and these are some other entries that they enjoyed.  Some I saw when we went with Grandpa and Grandma; some were new to me.  This first picture is to show just how busy it was downtown last weekend.  The weather was beautiful, but unfortunately some of the lines were long.


A photograph doesn't do this painting justice.  The butterflies just seemed to fly off the canvas.  Russ thought the hair was a little scary, though:)

Done with spray paint.  This artist gave demonstrations every 15 minutes or so.  Pretty neat to watch.

I think Russ said this was made with jelly beans.

Pencil drawing

We thought it was so providential that ArtPrize was going on at the same time that we are studying the creation story in BSF.  We marvel so at the works of man's hand and the mediums they use to create.  How much more should we stand in awe of the Creator who created all things "ex nihilo"--out of nothing!    As we appreciate and enjoy the creativity of the artists we should be drawn to the Author of all creativity in whose image we are made.  We are truly enjoying His creativity as we delight in the peak fall colors in Western Michigan this week.   

Haven't seen a grasshopper this big in a long time!

As Seth said after we finished our walk around the neighborhood, "I like God's ArtPrize!"

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