Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seth Creative Writing

Wuns upon a tim thar wus a boy namd Looc.  He had a mom and dad, the keng and queen.  Wun tim Looc wint out siyd.  He lokt at ol the uthr yrds.  He disided he woud go to the bad gi camp.  Wen he got thar he hard thum tokeng ubout the plans.  He ran bak hom.  He told his mom and dad but thya did it lisin.  He went to the prest.  The prest  lisind.  Thya got ol the solrs redye to utak.  Wen the bad giys caym the goud  gis wun.  The End


Once upon a time there was a boy named Luke.  He had a mom and dad, the king and queen.  One time Luke went outside.  He looked at all the other yards.  He decided he would go to the bad guys camp.  When he got there, he heard them talking about the plans.  He ran back home.  He told his mom and dad but they didn't listen.  He went to the priest.  The priest listened.  They got all the soldiers ready to attack.  When the bad guys came the good guys won.  The End.

Love the creativity/imagination; need lots of work on spelling:)

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